Monday, August 15, 2011

On Our way to School Supplies...Thrift Share Monday

School supplies bargain weeks, lately.
We try to pickup a years worth of art goodies, bouncing between all the "loss leader" offerings at the local haunts.

It's been a manga summer - (our daughter's drawing above) - she's been immersed in animation, cartoon and comic classes at the Coral Springs Art Museum summer camps. Sketches everywhere - and improvements too - getting a handle on shading.
(I've always loved the expressions she makes so easily)
((Yup - I may have a bit of jealousy there))

Have we been thrifting? Natch!!
Found loads of books - and bought - even tho' I'd sworn off them for awhile.
(No, you didn't seriously think I'd photo all those titles? Nope, too boring too see!)
That gaudy neon angel coin bank tho' - I'd photograph that!!

This is getting seasonal in color offerings - Laurel Burch Ganz star dish - originally was a set of two - only one made it to the sale shelf. Makes me wonder if it was two evenly sized dishes or a big and a little.

Octoberfest Mickey Mouse! Or at least Mickey Mouse sporting German togs from DisneyWorld's Epcot theme park. (Very cute lederhosen with hidden Mickey details on the shorts and chest strap)

And THESE - it's a love 'em or hate 'em craft style from the '60's. Faux fur creations and feather bouquets instruction booklets...look what you could make:


Or not...

Signs You May Have Been Thrifting A Bit Too Much:

  1. On a slow Sunday afternoon the cashier at the local Goodwill nods at you as she chats to a customer saying " Yeah, it's our regulars that keep us going on days like this"
  2. Finding the door locked (early) to another thrift shop and start to walk away - only to have the owner scramble to open it and flag you down saying "Of course YOU can come in, feel free to browse".

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  1. OH!!! I love vintage craft books! Those are fantastic!

  2. I love the little angel- and your daughter's cute manga drawing! Read more comic, a natural expression-drawing skill will come to you from there ;)

  3. Thanks folks!

    And Van - oooo - any excuse to read more comics is great by me!!!

  4. I love the craft books! I'm the same in certain op shops they recognise me straight away.

    E :)

  5. I wonder if any of those craft books have a fake fur pencil topper? That was a BIG thing when I was growing up in the 70's. I made some with a friend and her mom and thought we were so "groovy" to have made our own!


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