Monday, October 17, 2011

Swamped - Thrift Share Monday

Franco smoked glasses wheat pattern, Norway casserole
I step into the Goodwill murmuring my familiar mantra "I don't need anything"

Faux? Haviland oyster dish with silverplate servers
The sales board announces 50% off cups, plates, mugs, glasses
....sinking feeling in belly....

Sango Green Acres plates
Ummm-ing and urrrr-ing over micro-details I turn away more than half of my first "grab-it" impulses

Corning ware Liberty plate
Five dollars later I shuffle to the car with my latest booty.

New listings for my Etsy and Ebay shops are coming along slowly, folks! A buddy will help me with photos this week to kick start more efforts there.

 Have I posted things to pique your interest lately? As some of you have already done - you can contact me directly through comments or my email on the profile page regarding any items.

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  1. Love your finds. . .I see that you are located in South Florida. . .I used to find the best little vintage things at the St. Columbkille thrift shop when we lived in Ft. Myers. Have you ever been there?
    I really miss that store. The Goodwills in Ft. Myers were pretty great too. I always thought it was so funny how many heavy sweaters they had!


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