Monday, October 24, 2011

One - Thrift Share Monday

Yep - that's it - just ONE purchase at thrift last week. (I'm so proud of me!!)
It's a mystery kitchen gadget. I think a knife sharpener.
And what drew me to it was the red painted handle with yellow stripe.
This is the partially cleaned version - as found it was very grimy.

In place of thrifting I had efforts in organizing and planning.
Planning's a good thing. Holidays are coming, we'll have guests three times thoughout the season and the guest room is the ebay/etsy storage/packing room.
So - enough of the buying - time to list and sell sell sell!
(Or donate donate donate!!)

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  1. You are right - a knife sharpener, vintage, 50's most likely, popular for decoration. I've never actually tried to sharpen a knife with one.
    - Joy

  2. It is definitely a knife sharpener but would now be considered a knife destroyer so do not try it on any knife you wish to keep. Is it made in England by Skyline? I collect red-handled, vintage kitchenalia and have one very similar. Great find and restraint!


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