Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday morning Quarterback

Bag Imperfections
 I was glad to  finish something yesterday, having had trouble with starting, let alone completing, ANYTHING creative lately. Imperfections be danged - let me complete SOMETHING!!

And now the Monday Wednesday Morning Quarterback-ing begins.
(Of course)

Hand Stitched Edge Finishes - Embroiderer's Guild lessons
I'm scarred-for-life (KIDDING!!!)
with the lessons learned in details from The Embroiderer's Guild.

It does make me painfully aware of what I can do when I focus and allow myself the time to work.
I've not let myself time for either lately!

Strap enhancement

 But anyway -
Two things bother me about the bag construction

1) The tucking/pinching at one of the corners - simple to remedy with more pinning during stitching to ease in excess fabrics.
2) The rumply, bumpy handle.

Strap top view
 This morning after school dropoff (and before I head out for a run) I had a go at the strap leftovers from yesterday.

Strap edge view

A bit of overlocking has tamed the lumpy bumpy edges.
It's a more finished appearance.
And done with relative ease.
I like that!!!
(Ignore the cat hairs - Dewey slept on the pieces last night!!)

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