Monday, March 12, 2012

Coffee and cups and clutter - Thrift Share Monday

Happy patio orchids
I was nodding 'yes' to much of Selena's post today on her Apron Thrift Girl blog.
She was musing about the shift in her buying habits of late. Concentrating less on little things that consume space and time to focus on better targeted stock.

Ultimately to get out from under the stress that clutter brings.
Oh I know that clutter-stress!

Arabia Finland Anemone demitasse cups n saucers

 There's physical clutter and mind clutter too.
The endless mental list making of to-do's; want to-do's, and have to-do's.

I crossed off some have to-do's this weekend.
Escaping the house while pressure cleaning maintenance occurred (HOA have to-do)
Picking up the repaired sewing machine (have to-do) and returning home slowly via the en route thrift shops. (want to-do)

Lucky finds too! There's a set of Arabia Finland Anemone demi-tasse cups and saucers.
Gorgeous flowing indigo design on the grey background.
Came with a mini set of blue creamer and sugar bowl.

Summery feeling canisters n things

Cheery Carlton glass canister set with bright yellow lids and graphic typography - incomplete with just the flour and coffee jars in buyable condition.

The beach ball paddle I loved for the silhouette - don't know if it's a current style or vintage - wanted it purely for display!

Can you believe the Polaroid camera works? Tough to find film though.

And that's a Hazel Atlas 50's red stripe milk glass tumbler.

Some useful Some pretty

Gorgeous outside on the CLEAN patio today!
That's my little garden container, sporting romaine lettuce, basil and some ornamentals.

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  1. Thrifting is a fav thing for me to do. All my fabric art quilts and mixed media art is created from such finds. Also things for grand kids; even art supplies when really lucky, and ours gives five free books each visit (so novels are stacked up high).

    Your finds are enviable.

    Sweet of you to become a follower of my blog! thanks hope you'll visit often.

  2. Wow those canisters are great! So fun. :)

  3. I know that clutter stress feeling! Love those glass canisters and the blue and white crockery.


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