Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - chain stitch

Chain stitch variants - detached, open, wrapped

I'm slightly lagging behind the pace for Take A Stitch Tuesday.
I took more time with  the open stitch version of chain stitch.

side wrapped chain stitch

And explored side-wrapping of chain stitch to see if it added more height.
(sorta' did)

Painted background

And played around with one or two thicknesses of the variegated silk I've been using.

These framed circular motifs still remind me of portraits in an old photo album.
This is one of a pair of siblings.
Raised in the same environment - yielding individual personalities.

the other sibling - similar painted background

And those backgrounds - shall I admit they're the brush cleaning cloths from when I do my Dye-Na-Flow painting efforts??
Nah - I'll just leave the mystery alone....

Take A Stitch Tuesday 2012 is an online weekly stitch challenge hosted by Sharon B of Pintangle.

Each week she chooses an embroidery stitch which the participants then work in any fashion they choose. All levels of participants can join in - stitch instructions are included on the site, along with some nudges in how to use them in your own designs.

There's a flickr group here, a facebook group here, and a Stitching Fingers group here.

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