Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thrift share - books n florals

Joan Walsh Anglund - Morning is a Little Child

Bleargh - black is not a good background color for blog pictures!!
Nevermind - I'll do better next time.

Easton Press - The Arabian Nights

We've been very selective at our thrifting outings lately.
Those two books were the very few brought home.

The Easton Press book has a beautiful leather cover with embossed and gilt details. Numerous color plates throughout too. It's headed for ebay - though I'll enjoy a few more wanders through the stories before it heads off to its new owner.

Stool to refurbish

And this little wicker seated stool was a Goodwill sidewalk sale find for $2.
It'll need a little regluing and a bit of a clean, maybe a color change.
It's a keeper!

Mod floral tablecloth and napkins
 Springy/summer finds include the textile bits above....

Maggi Cerastone snack plates - Mikasa

...and those go well with these snack plates found last year.

Still holding off on any big thrifting outings - it's just so gorgeous outdoors this year that our time is spent outside enjoying instead!

But the indoor Garage Sale at the South Florida Fairgrounds is coming up in a couple of weeks, bound to do some shopping then!!

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  1. Wow,those plates and napkins were made for each other.Love the colors.

  2. You make me want to get to the charity shop...but I could probably stock one!

    1. Oh Jackie - it's a very dangerous activity once started. My shelves are overflowing!!

      So much for getting minimal with my possessions...

  3. ADORE the table cloths & napkins and the floral snack plates: such beautiful floral prints!


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