Thursday, May 3, 2012

Craftsy BOM - Slashed blocks

Yep - blazing along with this beginner's Block of the Month class on the site.
Fabric on hand this time was the blue chambray sheet and a
linen tea towel calendar with orange butterflies.

First two blocks for Craftsy BOM class

It'd been about a month since I'd watched the instructional video. Mentally I had the basics of construction down.

Heh heh - doesn't mean I implemented the block flawlessly.

Let's see - first I cut the strips too wide.
Then I misaligned the strips  - had to rip out the stitching and redo it.
(Rip and repeat 3 more times.)
By the last strip I had the technique down.

Who says a beginner's class is dead simple?
I'm learning good basics!

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