Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Worktable Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone. 
Here's what's in my workroom/studio today...

Above: I've detached the cardinal picture from the rustic frame and given it a partial clean. Now I'm contemplating whether to make a large pillow similar to the giraffe needlepoint made last week


break it up into several smaller pillows - one bird each.
(should I ...shouldn't I...should I...shouldn't I....)

First, I have to decide whether I can get away with that plaid Pendelton wool blanket as my backing (it has a few holes on one side so I'm comfortable cutting it up).
It's more a colorway decision (mismatched reds) than a yikes-I'm-cutting-a-Pendelton decision!

Over on the table are my ponderings for the '5 things postcard challenge' that our creative group 'Odd Tuesday' started recently.

Go here to checkout what each of us came up with from previous kits.

These are the two kits from Gina's offerings to make into two postcards.

We have very loose 'rules' - basically need to use 5 of the items in the pack in your composition. That's it!

The sewing table's been doing extra duty lately - and is now paused for a cleaning!

What do you think? Should I make a big cardinal pillow or 3 little ones?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'd go for one big one, because I can't see how you could make 3 without damaging what you have done... but I can't sew for my life, so what do I know!! Helen, 5

  2. I think I'd go for one big one. It would be a shame to separate them. The red looks like a perfect match in your photo, but I know the camera can 'lie' a bit. Kate x #33

  3. Hi Jackie
    I think the birds should be left together but that's just me. Loving your postcard challenge
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #39

  4. In MHO I would make it one large pillow, they ae so pretty together, hard to break up the group. Just think of them as would you break THAT up?? LOL
    Krisha #11

  5. Well, so far, I'm with the's such a nice piece of needlework, I think it's perfect for a seasonal cushion. And what a great idea, I wouldn't have thought of that!

  6. That one sheet with the multi colored polka dots is awesome. Love it. Brigita #113

  7. Love all the color on your desk! If you can cut the fabric and not damage the other birds I would opted for three smaller pillows. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #103

  8. What a delightful post, Jackie! Lovely stitching (one big one, IMHO), lots of great papers and a wonderful workspace! I hope your week is going well! (I'm just visiting this week so no no. for me!) Darnell


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