Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sunprinting - at it again!

Shades of blue

There's a story here. OF COURSE there's a story here!
Last post, I tossed out a quick sunprinting tutorial.

Since I had another plexiglas panel on hand - and a ready to go piece of fabric - I figured I'd paint up a piece in complementary colors to the first.

Plastic text resist

Mixing it up this time with a graphic element, using the plastic letters from a sheet of cake decorating stencils.

(No, I don't do cake decorating. It's the thrifty artist in me grabbing creative supplies when I see them at ridiculously appealing prices.)

I followed along in my usual process, but forgot one important step....
PERIODICALLY CHECK THE WEATHER while the fabric is drying.

Yah - you guessed it - started POURING with rain - in the way only tropical Florida can do.

Rivulets of blue Dye-na-Flow paint were streaming across my patio!

And there was me in a tizzy moving the dripping panel under cover,
hosing the paint off the patio and out the door,
before my concrete developed a custom paint job!!

Complementary colors - Go Gators?

All ended well - the fabric still dried showing the resist shapes from the letters.
Even if the three blue shades were more blended than intended.

Simple things make me so happy!

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