Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ahhhhh - vacation!

View from Seven Mile Bridge on way to Key West, FL

So lovely to have a get away with no agenda

Vintage style stamp dispenser

We had a long weekend staying in Key West, Florida at
the Southernmost Hotel at the quiet end of Duval Street.
(Walking distance to everything)

Fantastic tilework at Hemingway House

 I had ONE thing on my try-to-do list
 (no MUST do's this time around!): 

You can touch the cats - but don't pick them up!

Famous for the six-toed cats as well as the home & writing studio of author Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway's wife Pauline had her collection of chandeliers installed throughout.
Below, I was fascinated by the ceiling medallion, 

and the aged piece of lace hiding the support chain.

Tall ceilings and large windows let in ample light despite the large balcony overhangs
 - perfect for steamy weather and good island breezes.

 I was drawn to details - here the deep baseboard trim and chalkpaint-like surfaces.

Gorgeous storage chest with decorative tile inserts!

The writing studio above  (what is now) the bookstore.
Clean and simple.

Yep - I think I'd visit here again!!
No problem.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. thanks for taking me away - I love KW too!

  2. Thanks for letting us tag along on your trip. I enjoyed it all. And fun to know we share outdoor furniture tastes and that in art quilts too! ;-)

  3. Wonderful photos, looks like a fabulous place to stay!


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