Monday, June 11, 2012

Books and Thrift Share Monday

Golden books - The Circus is Coming

There seems to be a surge of carnival and circus themed products floating around lately. (Perhaps only on my travels? Or are they just what I'm drawn towards?)

I found this oversized Golden book from the '70's filled with fun illustrations, it's oh, so slightly shabby in condition - and that may also be why it drew me in.  Someone loved it and used it!

English Novelists, British Polar Explorers
(the covers and color plates sold me!)

A friend reminded me of a charity bookstore I had yet to explore - and a 50% off sale too.
Lovely goodies inside, the sweetest "vintage" volunteers manning the desk. (Okay - I'm completely ignoring hearing their mutterings of who was or was not 'pulling their weight', or medical explanations of why books were stacked on the floor rather than lifted to the top shelf. All this goes with the territory of living in an area of retirement condos.)

1950's Boy Scout Encyclopedia

 It was a very organized little shop - categorized offerings, older books and collectibles separated out, duplicates stored overhead. Truly a delight to wander through.

(love the color plate in the Boy Scout Encyclopedia too!)

Not exactly an old find - more late 80's, early 90's office gear. A promo style laser engraved business card holder. I have no idea what MDFC stood for - Mary Land Football Club? Mid Denver Farming Center?
Medical Department Financial Credit. Oh! I like the last one, I can just imagine - "YES" We can finance your cosmetic surgery through our MDFC center.

These shams are an OMG! moment. I spoke of the quilt on this bed here. It was my $15 bargain a few years ago. Now I have the matching shams for $3 total. Big grins for me!

This Persian souvenir tea caddy shaped box is a family piece from my husband's great aunt. The paint is very dark and chippy - and has intricate hand painted details.

I love the old hinges with the rough nails pounded in place, and the little label (#68!!) pasted inside.

It stores my Scrabble tiles - yep, I thrift shop the games and save the tiles paying at most $1 per game. (Anyone need an old game board? I have a few!)

The Caddy lid has even more detail than the sides - extremely dark in real life - photo editing helps bring out the  picture!

Simple thrifty goods overall - I found a few more useful things but nothing terribly photogenic! At least in this mornings light.

Thanks for stopping by - what have you found lately?


  1. I was down in South Florida thrifting this week and found so many goodies, :) I looove the boy scout encyclopedia you scored!

  2. I'm not quite sure what a 'sham' is, but how satisfying to find a matching set! Lucky you.

    1. Ah - that would be a US term for a decorative pillow cover.

  3. Amazing that you found the shams to go with your quilt three years later! Very pretty. I like the "YES" business card holder, made me smile!

  4. I love your eye for books! Those color plates are gorgeous! The old wooden tiles for Scrabble also call to me...except I can't separate the boards & I have a stack of boxes! Oopps!

    I have a friend who immigrated from Iran and calls Iran; "Persia" in a heartfelt, sentimental way...Your Made in Persia box is beautiful!

    And...I admit to googling "mdfc florida company" to see what came up...All investment firms - Hahhahah! Perhaps it's meant to be an Affirmation for Abundance for you?!

    1. Thank you Joy! I've held off googling the MDFC complany - so far...glad you did. I'll take that Affirmation suggestion ;-)

      I've had one taker on a board and tile tray already. I don't know what to do with the boxes either - I've always loved the old typestyle instructions inside the lid!

  5. I love the circus book and the quilt and shams are gorgeous! Lucky you to find the shams!

  6. That Persian tea caddy is to die for, love it!

  7. Great idea for the Scrabble tiles! I like to think I'd make something really great with them if I had them...


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