Monday, July 2, 2012

Big Garage Sale - Thrift Share Monday

South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center

There are two variants of the Garage Sale/Flea Markets held at our county Expo Center.

Long shadows = arrived early!

The smaller events have 130 booths and fill half of the air-conditioned venue.

INFLATION! Entry went up by $1 and DD is no longer free.

The larger events are double the size and include huge charity booths as well as the paid vendor spaces. (Parking is still free!!!)

130+ booths - this is a half-sized event

I've usually done best at the large events with the charity booths. But times - they are a-changing!

[50's wooden Mammy Pappy salt pepper shakers + Ekco beater]

Considering I did all my looking and buying within an hour of entering, vendors were very ready to make big discounts on their wares. I was a little stunned.

[Schumann plates, Carnival Georges Briard, Orange syrup dispenser]

I saw two of the orange topped dispensers in  different booths. I passed up this one the first time I saw it. Glad it was still there when I buzzed by again - it was better condition, larger than the other and 1/2 the price.

[Abstract Cat]

Great modern shape to this matte glazed cat - now, if I can just get the price in Sharpie off the bottom!!

[Ritzenhoff Beer Glass with Davor Markovic art]

Apparently, there's a yearly series of these beer glasses issued by Ritzenhoff (a German name).
I liked the colorful abstract art of a fella' oogling the women either side of him.

[Fire King milk glass egg nog bowl with mugs]

This vendor had a load of vintage goodies. I'd barely lifted a cup to look and he made me an unbelievable offer - DONE - I said, and wrapped up they were.

[what was I thinking spoons]

Aaaaaakkkkk - the devil of the 25 cent bin! In the dim light they looked intriguing, but getting them home I'm not quite sure what they are - anyone know? I'm guessing some sort of demitasse coffee spoon.

It was a good day to shop the garage sale - inside out of the heat (and I know so many are having the 100+ temperatures lately, you can relate!!) and fun finds to boot.

Did you head out and find any goodies?

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  1. Try spraying the sharpie mark with hairspray - works well on glass/ceramics. Comes right off within 30 seconds or so. Any kind of hairspray will work (el cheapo included)

  2. Thanks for the tip! I've not tried my go-to rubbing alcohol on the Sharpie yet - glad to have another thing to try. (It's a porous surface, so I know that's a challenge in itself)

  3. Magic erasers are good too for sharpies. Good luck with it.

  4. OOoo - I'd forgotten about Magic Erasers! Good pointer!

  5. That looks like so much fun. I love the cat...and I actually really like the "what was I thinking" spoons! ;)


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