Monday, July 23, 2012

Four little things - Thrift Share Monday

Berggren tile, Libbey wheat pitcher, brass reindeer

Four little things found their way home with us last week.
(but we spied many more)

Kicking myself over the Libbey wheat print pitcher - I left a couple of the matching glasses on the shelf at the Goodwill recently - Doh! (as Homer Simpson would say)

And where do you sit on the polish/don't polish of metalware?
This little reindeer was ultra-tarnished - I like shiny so I polished it.
But, there's a whole hoot of folks that love the patina'd look.
Should I have left it alone?
(I could leave it for a year or so to retarnish after all!!)

Fire King Georges Briard silver Persian Garden print casserole

This, however, was a definite "polish me" candidate.
That silver was BLACK and unappealing for foodware.
It cleaned up easily and prettily - so lace-like in person.
And is in wonderful condition!
(So often those patterns are scratched and abraded with use)

Did you make it out and about to thrifts last week?
What did you find?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great finds, Jackie! I love the wheat pattern glassware, too. I am firmly in the "polish" camp, except for that rare piece that's truly rustic or antique and would look strange polished to a shine. The way I look at it, tarnish is not the original state of most pieces! Have a great week! :)

  2. Very cool stuff. I'd have polished the reindeer too.=)

  3. Cool! Never seen the pitcher before, but assume those those wheat glasses I occasionally see are from Libbey too?

    1. Yep! Libbey glasses have a faint script L molded into the base. Check yours out, I'm sure you'll see it!

  4. this is my first visit here, via apron thrift girl. love the casserole; i didn't realize that it is actual silver in those pieces.

  5. The little reindeer is lovely all polished up.
    Great finds.

  6. I'm here via ATG. That dish is beautiful! I've never seen one like it before. That'll sure fancy up your tuna noodle casserole. ;)

    I'd have polished the reindeer too! He's pretty!

  7. Here via ATG too! For me tarnish on copper is one thing but tarnish on brass and silver is just unatractive. Great Finds! I see you are from South Florida. My husband and I now live in Destin be we are from Hollywood Beach.


    1. Hi Cara - yep, I'm with you on the copper!


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