Sunday, August 5, 2012

Committing a Neatness

Sorted and tagged
I'm so proud!

That's what my husband calls it...
committing a neatness.

Usually denoted by my mad mutterings and excessive tossing of bits in the garbage in an attempt to get my hoarding tendencies back under control.

Clutter out of control

It's a seasonal undertaking.
Though sometimes the seasonal part drags beyond a one year cycle.

What starts as a tidy system
gets out of control as my gatherings of craft and art supplies
expands beyond the designated spots.

Then into piles in front of bookcases, on table tops and floors of closets until closets don't open and there's no place to stand or create.

And my productivity slams to a halt.

YAY - sorted and tagged

Back to school sales have oodles of organizing containers available.
And this time I measured my shelving to get tubs for the most amount of storage per shelf, instead of opting for the cheapest tubs available.
The Target tubs were inexpensive after all
(and Made in USA!!)

Pretty labels can come later.
And there's plenty more "neatness opportunities" to indulge in here.
(I've a long way to go to create a studio stunner like Karen's!)
Let's call it my "Stretch Goal".

No before shot of the closet
(couldn't get the doors open!)

Oooooo - closet doors open easily.
There's nothing on the floor to impede access to the shelving or cupboard.
And I can pull bins from the shelves without an avalanche of goodies cascading down.

 AHHHHHhhhhh I can breathe.
And that's what I did last weekend for my Major Decade Birthday!!

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