Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fish Again

A school of fish?
(sorry, couldn't resist!)

Inbetween cutting fabric for the Beads for Courage bags
 I've created more of my colorful embellished fish postcards.

There's something about creating in small quantities that's so satisfying.
Pleasurable variety without the drudge of production.

I have working knowledge of production 
 spending 15 years in electronics manufacturing. Repetition!

Yet, even then I favored small companies with high variety in their products. Spending a scant 6 months at Motorola working on the same model beeper (remember those?) everyday, then escaping to a small computer products company with high variety and low volume product runs.

(I turned down the call to work on the original IBM PC production line. Not for lack of variety - but from personal knowledge that IBM = I've Been Moved - constant relocation of employees in those days!)

But I'm not looking to move on from these fish yet. 
I can see I've a bit more embellished fleece base fabric to play with yet!

And in the background Netflix is streaming Midsomer Murders for a bit of light intrigue and British countryside and interiors!

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  1. thank you for reporting on "beads of courage". i needed just this kind of project. and the dent i'm making in my stash of juvenile prints is great. karen


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