Wednesday, August 29, 2012

T.S. Isaac Mug Rug

The sun came back today.

It'd been hidden for the past 5 days or so as Tropical Storm Isaac passed overhead.

No damage here, yet lots of flooding.

Housebound for 3 days.
School cancelled for 2 of them.
The fledgling back-to-school schedule is out of sorts.

While waiting this morning for phone calls,
 I pieced strips of fabric leftovers into this little mug rug.
With  patented* crumb catcher binding.

(* = I really botched up the binding and it's very thick)

I like the modern quilt guild vibe on one side,
and sun on the receding waters on the other.

So satisfying to complete things.
(Even with the bodgy border!)

Hoping those in the path of Hurricane Isaac are faring well...

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  1. Gotta love a mug rug! Nice job!

  2. LOL Love your 'patented crumb catcher' terminology! I can't see anything botched up here, it's a great mug rug.


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