Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Garage Sale Fall - Thrift Share Monday

Pyrex Butterprint Cinderella style mixing bowl

I was very restrained in my purchases this time around at the Big Garage Sale at our local South Florida  Fairgrounds.

Mugs: Boynton, PushPin, Boutonniere

Yes, I did the early bird entry - yet with no daughter alongside this time, my touring the booths was quite different.

Wedgwood Peter Rabbit petite teapot

I was able to slow down and rummage quietly and even return to the tables again and again.

Kon-tiki plate, American Tempo flatware, African? lidded box

That was a fruitful technique at the charity booths bursting at the seams with donations to sell - more and more would be made available as stock sold.

Kliban pillowcase

At one of the animal rescue booths I chose the Kliban cat pillowcase and the cat sheet below.

Vintage cats & yarn sheet

Something about those black, white and red graphics that are so appealing!!

Teleflora Charles Wysocki Xmas bowl

Couldn't completely bypass Christmass-y things either. That planter/bowl above I'm probably keeping for use this year.

Vintage-y Glass Xmas ornaments

But I may pass these glass ornaments along! Those cobalt blue and gold ones are quite pretty!

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  1. So cute finds! I like most the little teapot with the rabbits. Thanks for sharing.


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