Friday, November 23, 2012


Dewey sneaking a drink

Does your cat do this? Our Dewey prefers to lick water from his paw - so any abandoned glasses are fair game as far as he's concerned!

Thanksgiving was a filling and relaxing day - hubby cooked (it's his holiday tradition) - and most of the household rested.

Batik style flower on gridded background

I spent several hours sewing and crafting with PBS's Craft in America streaming in the background.

Then later spent time dreaming about taking classes here  at Nancy Crow's Timber frame Barn.
Sounds wonderful to have a week of focused learning time - with a great teacher to give shoves and nudges where needed!

Ahhh - but that will have to wait until I'm beyond the Mom years! Meanwhile I'll save my pennies...

What's your dream retreat?

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  1. Thanks for the Craft in America link .... I'm trying to catch bits of it as I get dinner ready. I'm not sure which retreat I'd pick - so many to choose from .... including a few clay ones ....


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