Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Beginning to Look...Thrift Share Monday

Mini trees from vintage fabric

Back last year  I brought home from thrift this wash-softened 60's set of valances in colors of antique gold and soft aqua. This year they've starred in my seasonal stitched trees. I get in the mood to create a series of tree forms in fabric at this time of year!

(You can see previous years here... though why I called last years effort 'Trees 2012' I have no clue)

Flocked Santa wall decor/poster

Brief thrift stop-ins have turned up little lately (and I'm not looking for much either). A set of these double sided flocked Santa decorations was hard to pass up!

Westclox aqua number alarm clock

Likewise, this Westclox alarm clock with the glow in the dark, collegiate style aqua numbers -- had to come home with me too!

Robust dual blade dough cutter

And this sturdy double bladed dough cutter seemed seasonally perfect - it is that baking time of year.

Hope your thrifty finds have been fun and that the season doesn't get too crazy for you!

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  1. Jackie, thought of you on a recent first visit to a new thrift store - I'll be posting about my vintage find on Thursday. What fun it is to happen upon something I needed-without-knowing!

    1. Hi Jean - I'm certainly curious to see what you've found! Is it tea related perhaps??

  2. I can never resist a vintage alarm clock - especially when it involves aqua! Nice find!


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