Friday, April 19, 2013

Design As I Go - Glamping Quilt

The center of this table topper quilt is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out!

I love the dresden circle I made last week (when I was ummm...doing my taxes...heh heh).
This week I took another 7 squares of the Glamping fabric pack and cut wedges for the fans in the corners. (I found a tutorial for that here on the Bloom and Blossom blog)

Okay - I almost followed that cutting tutorial - I finger pressed rather than ironed the squares in half.
Geez - I'm such a rebel.

Does anyone else find it tricky to know where to measure on those zigzag  pinked edges?
I did put the tape on  my dresden wedge ruler to keep track of my measuring line (like the tutorials show), but I found that if I used the ruler UPSIDE DOWN with the tape on the bottom - that the points of the zigzag edges would snug up against the tape allowing me a more consistent measurement.

Here's a picture for clarity....

I'm sure there's a billion tips for quilting out there - I'm learning the slow-as-you-go way!

Yep - that's the view of my sewing area from my computing area with my patchwork covered chair. I'm training myself to keep things put away and worktables cleared off. And I must say my productivity has increased because of that.

See that black area between the sewing table and the computing table? It's evil. It sucks everything down into the awkward unreachable-behind-things-crawl-on-your-belly zone.

I must rectify that soon!!

This is where the table topper design stands. I keep forgetting to think about the 1/4" seam allowances when I'm imagining the finished size - hence I'm enlarging the center to what looks good now, but my brain is processing that all elements will end up a scoootch closer together after the seams are done.

And NO - those are not the fixed positions for the half-square triangles - I'll move them around for weeks before fixing them in place!. (Maybe I'll make my hallway walls into design walls to leave the design up full time?)

Enough thinking and musing for now - off to do more!

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  1. Love that dropzone photo! I have a LOT of dropzones in my sewing room (and elsewhere). I admire your ability to keep your space cleared and productive-friendly! And lucky you, space in the hall for a design wall - go for it!!!!!

  2. Looks good Jackie, love the fabrics and I I had to laugh about the "dropzone" - you never what will be lurking there!

  3. I love your approach to quilting! Sounds like mine :) I'm going to be following your blog. Love dresdans. And I've always wondered about measuring from the pinked edges too. Is there really any rule?

  4. Your table topper is off to a great start! It's going to be a beauty


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