Monday, April 22, 2013

Elephants and Neopets - Thrift Share Monday

Carved Wood Elephant Bookend

A grey sky day today. I'm having a very quiet morning about the house doing some spring cleaning.

Somehow, though, I've spent a lot of time, while (whilst?) things are soaking clean, sitting in my chair with the laptop attempting to find the bottom of the internet through my Google Reader feed.

(Sad that Google Reader is going away in a month or two. In the meantime I've been trying out Feedly and Bloglovin and the new Beta Bloglovin and keep bouncing between them.)

Washington Forge Town & Country flatware

Now that my kitchen's all clean and beautiful I don't want to muck it up prepping some great thrift finds from recent buys. These pictured items, however, needed no prep/repair work whatsoever!

I love the lonely elephant bookend holding up my growing collection of shabby green books. I'm admiring her until someone else just has to have her from my Etsy shop!

And these Washington Forge wood handled flatware pieces were found in the most non-descript metal tin. Expecting to find cookie cutters inside, instead almost 7 place settings of practically mint utensils. I'm amazed that they're dishwasher safe with the wood handles - yet that is what they're labelled!
They're up for sale in my eBay shop. Though the forks have already gone to a gentleman who purchased them as replacements for his 87 year old neighbor's set.

You get some great stories from your customers when you're a reseller!

Quite a bit of our weekend was spent on eBay with my daughter. She's learning to take her own photos and is selling off her plush mountain of Build A Bear's and Neopets. Her eyes are on all things cosplay and she's saving up for more accessories for her next costumes!

Good luck, Nat!

Thanks for stopping by!

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