Friday, June 7, 2013

Obsessive Stitching

3 a.m.

I was up too early one day this week, unable to get back to sleep for fear of missing the alarm. (I can turn it off in my sleep!)

Last day of school for our daughter and she had an end of year trip to Universal Studios again. Very  early dropoff at the school for the coaches, I was sure I'd cause her to miss the bus! (we didn't )

With hubby already at work I turned to the studio to occupy my wired mind.

Steady rows of stitching - back and forth - completing the design I'd started a week or so ago - stripes of stitching on Dye-na-flow colored grid, the repetition was comforting to do.

Then a quick border and fluffy batting (pulling from the dregs of the batting box - I need to go shopping!).

Concentric rows of stitching around the grid and then on to the bright white borders.

Another pillow top!

I can see making the back with lines of stitching and a button close like that of the giraffe pillow last month.

Needs colorful buttons, too. I don't have any.

Yup  - I really need a shopping trip!

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  1. Stopping by from the Sew Darn Crafty Link Party. That's going to make a really pretty pillow cover!

  2. I love it! Did you put a resist down to keep the white between the blocks? The stitching finishes it off!

    1. Exactly right and thanks, Marsha! It's a resist technique using a washable gutta-like resist from Jacquard (tho' frankly you can use elmer's blue gel glue too - it's just a little harder to wash out)

  3. Your quilting looks great! So straight and perfect. Have fun shopping. Can't wait to see the pillow:)

  4. When looking fast, it almost look like its woven, beautiful.

  5. Wonderful! Love the colour shifts in this piece of art!
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