Sunday, June 2, 2013

Practice makes...improvement!

Card Carrier Folios
These little foldover folios have been in process since December of last year.


Yet for me - quite believable.

Production stack of card carriers
I stalled in making them when I was struggling with sewing through thick side layers - not liking the wobbly result of the seams.

So I stopped and let the problems percolate in the back of my mind until I came up with a workaround method.

Yay! I got better at it this week!

Outside patterns on card carriers
I'd already done all the fun parts - picking the fabrics out of my stash, or from repurposed needleworks.

Coordinating the tie loops and buttons is fun too.

Inside linings of card carriers
Can't forget the delight of the lining selections, either!

But if I get impossibly stuck with the construction I do have a secret expert to consult! MOM.
She's a trained tailor with experience in the London fashion world back in the 1960's.
She knows a lot of perfection tricks.

And she visited last weekend.

Mom was in a careers book  featuring the fashion industry back in the 1960's.
Heh heh. I should listen to her and learn, eh?

I didn't discuss card carrier construction with her, but what we did do was some color play exercises on a new charm pack.

Simple Marks Summer  - next table topper design!
I loved making the Dresden Table Topper recently and have ideas for more.
I'm itching to sew more fans.

Meanwhile I've got some button selections to make for the card carriers, and a few other quilts to work on.

Stay tuned!!

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  1. Oh I totally agree and understand about the wallets. I tried a couple myself, and though I did "ok" on the small card wallets, I did horribly on the actual wallets. Maybe I'll try again later, but for now I've moved on to stuff I can actually do. ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing your next table topper. Love the fabric choices!

  2. These look really adorable and i love your choice of fabrics and matching elastric tie loops!

  3. Hi Jackie - love your card carriers. Have not come across these before. Is there a link to a pattern please. Also would be interested to know who your Mom worked for in London? xx

  4. Hi Lin - the card case tutorial was from - I don't see it there now - but maybe you can spy it. (wish she had a search box on her blog!)

    Mom worked for Wallis and Company in London as part of the sample team. :-)


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