Sunday, March 23, 2008

How things evolve

There's my baobab tree motif that I use often. A trip a couple of years ago to fairchild Tropical Gardens to view chihuly's glass installation provided many great photo ops. This is one of the better shots I took that day. (More of my pics on my Flickr site - link in side bar)
My intention above was to have an outline of the baobab tree on top of the pages fused to canvas. I had modified my photo in Print Shop Pro to show just light lines on a black background. I glue-sticked (that's a verb - honest!!) the printout over my base and stitched away. Usually my glue stick doesn't hold very well. Apparently, this time it did for when I tried to peel away my template I was lifting a lot of the base pages. And in the areas of dense stitching the template didn't want to lift at all.
Is this a bad thing - nope - just unexpected. The dark paper remaining does give a more haunting outline to the image. I don't know how well my HP Vivera inks will withstand any more manipulation, nor how resistant they are to fading. More evolving will happen!!

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