Friday, March 21, 2008

Blueprints on Fabric

The sun was right for this process today, I'm playing with a batch of 6" squares bought from The squares start off a yellowy-green color, above I've arranged some of my paper twists on a piece pinned to foam core.

Next I weighed down everything with a circle of non-UV glass, placed in the sunshine and waited 15 minutes.

The sun exposed areas turn darker.

After a cleaning rinse this is what appears.

I tried using some photos I've printed on vellum for these results...

10 minutes in the sun for the above square.

A more saturated photo on vellum and 15 mins in the sun for the above.


  1. Hallo Jackie,
    I am catching up with reading blogs and just wanted to say that I love your recent experiments. I have been thinkin about paper twisting couple of times and how effective it looks. And those batiks are just fabulous. I like the way you put them together. With so many colours and patterns it's not an easy task. Keep up your interesting work. It is inspiring!!!


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