Sunday, March 30, 2008

Online magazines

Beyond the fibery magazines found on the newstand, (I'm thinking Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors, Fiberarts, Belle Armoire) there are more and more online and DVD magazines available.

I've long been a subscriber to Maggie Grey's Workshop on the Web, UK15.50 for 4 quarterly issues, is very technique focused in the articles. There's usually an interview with an artist and exhibition reviews. The reviews are accessible by anyone, not just subscribers - good eye candy! A taster issue is available before you buy.

I'm not a subscriber, but Maggie Grey has also ventured into a more quilting focused publication Quilt Wow. Again, there's a taster issue to download and the exhibition reviews are available to anyone.

Another article laden online publication is Sue Bleiweiss's Fibre and Stitch, $8.95 each/$29.95yr published quarterly. The website has a generous offering of free projects to download. The issues have a balance of design articles and how-to's.

The above publications are all online magazines - you download the .pdf files and print them if you want to. Now I'm finding DVD magazines of interest. They arrive in the mail and may be completely video or a combination of CD and print.

Karen Landey's Indie Arts Dvd is an all video magazine, $16.95 each. Running about 2 hours in length the articles vary between Gallery shows, featured author/artist, on location videos, Getting Published interviews. It's aimed more towards the professional artist, and is well done and fascinating. Her website has teaser videos for every issue. I'm loving having this DVD running in my workroom as I'm puttering on my projects.

I've just discovered the Kemshall's have a new project thr3fold journal. It seems to be a CD magazine encompassing quilting, knitting, drawing, journalling - you name it, with copyright free images and patterns included. The website has an introductory video explaining more. Each issue is UK17.95. Very tempting. I'm trying not to buy it, but my willpower has been very weak lately!!

There are probably more out there - let me know what you've found!
(and if anyone can clue me in to how to put the UK pound sign in my text - HELP!!)


  1. The ASCII code for the pound sign is Alt-0163. I'll try type it & we can see if it shows up correctly on the web: £
    If not, you could write GBP :)

  2. Alt-0163

    Ok - thanks! Will experiment with that!

  3. Thanks for finding me on Flickr. I think you are a fine writer -- and your art work is wonderful and inspiring. Hope to see you in person some day!


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