Sunday, May 11, 2008

And now I can reveal....

...what I've worked on this week. A stitching buddy Eliza had a decade birthday this weekend. Our group collaborated on a wall-hanging for her gift. Each of us stitched a square and I assembled them into this panel.

Our requirement was to stitch something on an ivory background using the muted patriotic colors and maximum stitched area of 5" square. I picked up an Americana themed jelly roll at the quilt shop recently in the hopes something would work.
So here it is. Technically my second quilt ever!! Happy Birthday Eliza!!

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  1. Oh they are gorgeous!
    And I don't think you have too much information in your profile...but you can always edit it on 'Layout page' (I think)
    Thank you for your comment, I didn't notice a lot of them for some reason I'm not getting the alerts.


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