Friday, May 30, 2008

In a distracted state...

Enjoyed a warm weather trip to Morikami Gardens and Museum over the Memorial Day weekend. The gardens are inspiring - one day we'd love to have the same winding pathways with vistas and ever evolving flowering plants. The clack-clack of the bamboo forest would be wonderful too!

This is the old museum section - favored for scuffing around in paper slippers over the tatami mats.

The Brownie troop transitioned to Junior girl scouts in a wistful, tear-jerking and funny ceremony this week. The evening prior had me badge-stitching away for some friends just in time.

This years solution to too hot summer days with tropical showers - an exercise trampoline - err now called rebounders for indoors workouts.

Last art class before summer was today - I got going on this assemblage of rust papers, acrylics, fiber twists and tjanting people on an old wooden letter tray.
More paint layers coming!!!

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