Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Begins!!

The last minute daytime scurrying around took place this week - all in prep for summer vacation with kids in tow. Ok, kid in tow - but friends are usually in and out so I say kidsss.

Above I've started auditioning borders for the batik grid panel. I know, I know, I had intended to make a padfolio inspired by Karen's efforts from the Fibreandstitch e-zine projects. However, the panel had other ideas and wants to be a wallhanging of some sort.

In my prep for Convergence I've a couple of projects for a friend that MUST be completed before she gets here to drive across to Tampa. Above, her hand-dyed rayon that I'm constructing into a top - per her design. (yes, B, this is to prove I'm actually working on it!!)
Of course, for every strip of squares I do, I get sidetracked into a pile of my own projects. Thank goodness for deadlines forcing me to focus on it or I'd drag it out for another 6 months.
Meanwhile I've slated myself for a trip to Build A Bear workshop with dd and some friends. Goodness knows you can't have enough bears built with buddies...

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