Sunday, June 8, 2008

$1, 2 hours

$1, 2 hours
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Browsing the clearance shelf at Michael's I scored this totebag kit for $1. Couldn't resist its cheerful colorway. Now 2 hours later it's complete. Not the best quality fabrics, but construction was a breeze and I will probably reuse the pattern with other fabrics.

Instructions provided were minimal, good graphics, but finishing details were completely omitted - and I modified the binding technique to eliminate the hand stitching. Fabric provided was a scooch undersized to match their directions - no matter, it all went together in the end!

Later, as a reward for spending more time on B's rayon top construction (see yesterday's blog entry) - I journeyed back to Michael's to pickup sale items and closure mechanisms for this tote. Ended up with fusible velcro - we'll see how that holds up!!

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