Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In which I get totally frustrated at myself..

If I learned one major fact at Convergence 2008 it was the value of FOCUS.

The lecture I attended by James Koehler, the keynotes by Joan Morris , and Willa Shalit all touched on the 10 years they took to learn their craft well before the "art" crept into their work.

Here I find myself incredibly scattered. Chiding myself for not following through and finishing things in one go - Good or Bad. Recognizing I'm learning with everything I do - Good or Bad.

Where focus is working for me:
Targeted projects, for instance - International Fiber Collaborative, Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit

Where I'm struggling;

B's top - I like constructing the fabric - I understand how but do not enjoy the garment assembly portion. Perhaps I'm more a surface designer than a garment constuctor. Lesson: don't commit to any more garment constructions!!

Where I'm struggling II:

Guitar piece - I had ideas, I played, my mind diverged - I'm stuck!!
What worked - the color play inspired my Breaking Traditions piece.
What I'm learning - I work best with a concept prior to leaping in and constructing. That college design class HAS had an impact!!

I'm solidly in the 10 year "learn my craft" portion of my creative life. I wonder what I'll settle on as "my craft"!!

The concept...

Color play - which border? bright or not?

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  1. I think we all have the bits we like to do and the bits we don't. I must post about my handbags soon. it has a similar element.
    So I stopped making them!


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