Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Woke up to a wonderful email this morning from Kelly of colorfuldayz.
She gave me an Arte Y Pico blog award - many thanks Kelly!! Kelly has the most exuberant colors in her work, and lives in a stunning section of Utah.

I'll have a good think and figure out who I'll nominate next.

How's this for a photo? Dd and I headed out to The Carriage Light tea spot with another friend and her daughter. The girls made me do it! The hat that is, there were many of them and scarves to play with during the tea. Could I look anymore round faced traditional British??

Do I resemble my grandmother? Shown here at a tea at Disney's Grand Floridian resort a few years ago.... she didn't love having her picture taken - I think it shows!

Thinking of You Gran
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