Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In which Jackie discovers disperse dyes

...or dyes that work on synthetics. Polyesters. Simpler to do than expected.

Above using a technique similar to printmaking, with dried plants as resists.

My class was with Holly Brackmann. Loved it so much I had to get her book too.

This one using folds/pleats as resists

And thickened dyes with stamps.


  1. I love usinmg disperse dyes. I have just done a workshop for an embroiderers Guild and its got me all excited about them again!

  2. Oh and I love your results. You do a lot of workshops! All that packing...

  3. Thanks! I was lucky to be in driving distance of HGA's Convergence 2008 which allowed me access to a lot of classes last week!!


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