Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And what did I bring home?

Now, although Convergence was not a shopping trip, it's inevitable that some things come home with you. Above is yarn dyed by Prism yarn especially for the conference. (This Convergence colorway was featured also in the designers challenge portion of the fashion show.) Do I have a plan for the yarn?? Ummmm...nope! It will inevitably become a scarf that I'll never wear, but will enjoy making!

At one vendors' booth (Kumihimo To Go) the packages of handdyed rattail cord leftovers were zipping off the stand. How could they not with the booth lights sparkling through her brilliant packaging of clear Chinese food boxes. The sheen of the cording was shown off to perfection. I couldn't resist.

At Red Fish Dyeworks booth I narrowly avoided bringing home some gorgeous red/black roving when I discovered the hand-dyed silk hankies above. Yummy colors. Now where did I see project ideas using these? Was it Workshop On The Web? Fibre and Stitch? Quilting Arts?

Alas, my one hour drop spindle tutorial showed me that not all fiber fun comes to me easily. This will be a long learning curve. Hence the reason I did not buy up the huge hanks of yummy dyed roving at the vendor hall.

Meanwhile I impatiently wait for the mudcloth projects to sit and dry some more. My minimum 2 week wait time is up tomorrow - I may have to wash and see the results!!

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