Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

I've nearly always saved the Christmas greeting cards we've received each year. I love the variety of styles and cheerful, hopeful greetings. Some years they've been chopped up into gift tags, other years made into ornaments. This week I came across this quick tutorial to make gift boxes from them

And my results from yesterday's efforts - about 2.5 hours of wonderful, mindless folding here - I think I'm up to 30 boxes.

Now how will I use them? Ooof - I have a ton of ideas - stocking stuffer boxes, for display under a small Xmas table top tree, with 24 I could make an advent countdown calendar with little gifts for each day. Advent calendar - could be little candies each day, or a piece of a puzzle so that the final piece is opened on Christmas Eve. It could be Lego pieces with the instructions to construct a project in the last box. I could string the boxes together as a garland on the tree or across a mantle or window. ooodles of ideas!

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  1. Jackie - LOL, of course I followed the link to the box instructions and caught that bug too - but isn't this one FUN - thanks SO much! I've done four and now I really MUST sit down and pay accounts and file paperwork...
    I also have a pile of old cards and now I know exactly what to do with them!


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