Saturday, November 29, 2008

OOOOoooo socks

OOOOoooo socks, originally uploaded by jckirner.

Progressed in our mornings to needing socks - such a novelty!

Have spent a lot of time at home while my daughter recovers. Many meds, many side effects. Not much fun for her - very worrying for all.

So many declutterings around the home have happened. And in a fit of needing to do something I started decorating bits in the workroom. Above the shelf edges.

Then the legs of the ironing board

Clustered some of my more recent work together to make me remember I've done some things outside of schoolwork.

And started this silk patchwork - from upholstery samples again. Perhaps another chair cover - tho' looks nice on the wall above the window - could stay there as window treatment.

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  1. Shutters come in many different forms including Cafe style shutters (which cover the lower half of the window), tier-on-tier shutters (two separate layer of shutters), full height (covering the whole window), and shaped shutters (to fit difficult, or unusual windows).


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