Thursday, November 6, 2008

A diagnosis

A hospital waiting room - for a few hours yesterday. Daughter with her stomach problems for the past 7 weeks getting tests.

Results - an ulcer. Egads. She's only 9. (okay - almost 10)

My standby stress reliever for waiting rooms - mindless knitting.

No pattern - just repetitive stitches.
No intention for end result - all process.
Nice thing is it draws people in, too. Folks sitting nervously, impatiently staring at CNN on the TV's tend to stray to staring at the moving knitting needles, then to the knitting. Eventually, they ask or comment. And conversations ensue. Distraction at it's best.

Well - I did branch out a little bit - k1p1 ribbing over straight garter stitch. Just felt better with this ribbon fiber.


  1. Wow, sorry to hear about your daughter. That is so sad to think she is so stressed that she has an ulcer. The upside, as I am sure that you have heard multiple times already, is that it should be manageable. At least now you guys can start working on fixing it.

  2. Maybe your daughter needs to do some calming knitting. Poor girl. Hope she's soon better.

  3. Couldn't manage to leave a comment last time - and gave up trying!
    Such a wuss.
    Sorry to hear about your daughter's ulcer and SO young. Katy developed one too, but at least she waited till she was a teenager! Must be the Florida air.
    Loved your knitting. I knitted on a long bus journey one time and never had so many people talk and reminisce to me before.
    Good to have the internet back to keep up with your journal.

  4. Gosh, Jackie, I am so sorry to hear that. Perhaps she caught that helibacter pyloris bug that causes ulcers.... whatever it was, good thing you found it and she can get treatment.
    I mindless-crocheted when my father died suddenly and we had to wait a week for the autopsy, as they were so backlogged.


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