Sunday, February 22, 2009

From injury - inspiration

cuff play 3a, originally uploaded by jckirner.

I pulled something in my wrist. Not a major pain, but enough to imobilize usage in that arm from anything heavier than a pencil.
So I repurposed one of those disposable heat pads shaped for the back/shoulder into a wrist bandage for the night.
The heat helped - and the shape of the bandage inspired play with creating cuffs.

The fun part is combining fabrics. The African batiks I had leftover from another project combined in brilliant ways. An assembly oops turned into an okay when I reversed an Aborigine print for the cuff inside.

Contrasts of linen and embroidered silk worked fairly well, tho' my first intention was for the linen on the outside - I prefer it peeking from within.

This dramatically colored batik version is too large to wear - and will need to be repurposed or reshaped! But I don't undo things - I just move on.

There was fun playing with my button stash too - combining broken bits and drawing on others.

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