Sunday, February 22, 2009


dried - top, originally uploaded by jckirner.

That was the question - could I mimic ripples on water.
Recent play with glue gel resist and Jacquard's Dynaflow fabric dye/paints had me curious to try more.

Thinking back to smocking efforts of the past, but not wanting to create such a rigidly rippled structure, I chose to stagger the spacing of the dots, then stitched between them in a staggered manner.

Gathered, then painted with a combo of Azure Blue and violet. Intending a more indigo-like color.

Dried overnight.

Unfurled. And a surprise delight at the contrast between the colored/uncolored threads.

Ironed flat to finish.

Water-like? Yes!


  1. I think the fabric looks interesting. Now what will you do with it?Harriete

  2. Thanks, folks!
    What to do with this? Let's see - I could work towards different water effects.
    I could work towards the four elements.
    A water vessel perhaps?


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