Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hands, originally uploaded by jckirner.

I'd had an inkling to create a stuffed arm for displaying my cuffs. As a mockup I grabbed a tyvek envelope and traced my arm. Once stitched and stuffed it was quite intriguing, yet it needed color.

The Dye-na-flow fabric paints weren't working on the tyvek - beaded up and ran off. So out came the Golden acrylics. Yellow all over, like rubber gloves, transitioned with reddish shades in layers.

This form fascinated me - (surreal feelings when painting between my own fingers) -size slightly reduced in scale with seam allowance and stuffing.

I traced more arms - kids, neighbors, husband. Again the form enticed me - the variances in line enhanced by the shrinking form stuffed into 3D - smooth fingers of the kids versus the swelling joints of the adults.

I collected more arm tracings at school pickup yesterday. More people I know, my support network.


  1. Hi, I found your blog via your boats sent to Joanne Kaar for her fundraising for Mary Ann's cottage. I am a Yank now living in the UK--the north of Scotland not far from Joanne's studio and Mary Ann's cottage.
    I like your arms. Reminds me of the carefully crafted arms reliquaries from Armagh and Omagh--I saw them in the flesh--so to speak--in Dublin.

  2. Thank you, landgirl! Naturally I had to go look up your reference. Found an image of an arm reliquary at the Ulster museum - I can certainly see the resemblance!

  3. The hands are a work of art in by themselves.


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