Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doodling in the dentist's chair

Doodling in the dentist's chair, originally uploaded by jckirner.

Keeping my hands active focuses my mind - helps keep the panic at bay! Knitting works too - but not so compatible with the dentists' office.

I'll be back in the chair in a few weeks - I'm sure I'll finish this then.

Meanwhile, back on the home front I've a new online addiction - You post your tradable books - which are then requested by other members. You mail books to them at media rate and earn a book credit once your book is received. Then it's your turn to request a book. (After you list your first 10 books you do receive 2 credits to get started.)

I've mailed out over 25 books in the last 3 weeks and have received 8 so far, and have credits waiting for me to use. I'm waiting for some of my wish list books to turn up, then I'll use those credits. The system is simple and costs nothing to list your books. Hooked me in, I tell ya'!! there's 2 sister sites you can trade your credits to - and

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