Friday, April 24, 2009


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I'm feeling mired in a crisis of "should".

From the subtle societal 'should' of homemaking/cleaning/organization - the perpetual doing that's implied should be the filling of the day.

There's the self-imposed 'should' of getting the most out of the weekday moments alone. When I am less on call as Mom/wife and more independent adult.

The 'should' of the creative habit, exercise habit, reading habit and a myriad other habits.

And the should of getting out of the home to get away from the shoulds!

Mostly, today, I feel weary and fragmented with clutter and chaos about - some self-made, some made for me.

Sounds like I need a nap! I'll go shove the naughty dog off the bed and catch some rest and enthusiasm!!

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  1. While I always hated the t-shirts that say all i should do is breathe, there is something to be said for the philosophy. It can be hard to get past the shoulds. When I get overcome, I write down which of them might make me happier, having done it. It makes it easier to choose which shoulds to pursue: should ride a horse, vs should clean the kitchen, for instance. Or should hug the kids vs should do the laundry.

    good luck with your lists - they can be as bad as small biting insects


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