Sunday, April 19, 2009

Natural Dye Workshop 2

Natural Dye Workshop 2, originally uploaded by jckirner.

I feel lucky to have this opportunity nearby. Yesterday I took an all day workshop at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts at FAU's Waverly Library. Natural Dyeing for the Book Arts included dyeing 13 swatches with 10 different natural dyes and constructing this swatch book.

(Click the picture above to take you to my Flickr pics including more from the workshop)

The opportunity to see some of the amazing artist books on display has piqued my interest to return with more time to browse!!


  1. i love to see those colors all swatched up like that.

  2. MMmmmm - yes. There was a debate on whether to mount the samples sorted by dye type or ground type.
    Perhaps I was in the minority here.

  3. What a great workshop! I hope he does more one natural dyeing in the future. Were the leaves, etc gathered locally?


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