Monday, April 27, 2009


Recovery, originally uploaded by jckirner.

I have emerged from my funk over the "shoulds"! A little at home effort and some glorious time out in the park at a company picnic worked wonders.

I closed my eyes to the feelings on Friday, and yes, a nap did help.
Over the weekend I did some rearranging in the workroom - shuffling out a bookcase and twisting the office side of the room around. Now I face the light and the center of the room from all working stations in here.

I have always felt more comfortable when seated with a wall to my back - whether in classrooms or at home. Anyone else have this feeling, too? I prefer to have all activity facing me or to my sides - when surrounded by input I get overwhelmed. Facing into the corner with my computer was not the best position for me over time.

Tucked near the door is a spot for the "kid station". I can have 3-4 kids creating in here and needed a spot for them to stage their work and tools between efforts so I can have my work areas back!!!

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