Saturday, May 30, 2009

...the kids' bird seed garden has flooded...

We've had lots of rain.

The kids' bird seed garden has flooded.

Rainy season has begun - soggy yards and gardens until October!

I learned a lot about tires yesterday. A flat tire during a rain storm sidelined me in the middle of the road until AAA turned up to help. Took 20 mins for them to arrive and meanwhile I was checked on by the sheriffs to make sure I was okay.

Same AAA fella' that fixed my flat (different tire) in Feb. Huh! Only this time he had a trainee along.

Tire was shredded and not usable and spare donut tire - 9 years old - turns out to be rotten - who'da thunk it!! Wouldn't hold air.

So I wait for the tow truck - another 30 mins. (Calling neighbors meanwhile to cover school pickup) Flat bed truck turns up with another trainee! First day on job - he's being coached through the process. Rain had stopped by now, I get a tow to Goodyear.

A Goodyear trainee at the desk apologizes for the wait as he learns, job market seems to be hopping in tire service!!!

I enjoy (no really!!) a 2.5 hour wait while I get new tires and alignment and chat merrily away to a PBCC math professor who went to school with my sister.

Funny day. Ended with Girl Scout party meeting for end of year.


  1. I had a garden like that when i was a kid----maybe that's why my seeds never sprouted into birds--not enough water :}

  2. That was some Saturday! It reminds me that my car is in need of a check-up. Glad you had company for your long wait!

    I think the seeds I planted in the yard have been washed away. They had started to peek up from the sand but now nothing.


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