Friday, May 22, 2009

Sketch and a Home Tour

sketch, originally uploaded by jckirner.

Paused at my desk, waiting for turtle-speed internet loading, a small sketch - pen and pencil.

Spent time over the weekend with my house guests touring the HGTV green home

in Port St. Lucie, FL, an hour and a half up the road from here.

I took pictures. A handful. The beautifully staged photos are available online, so no need to duplicate them.

A shot of the shower transition to the floor - ideas for my future bathroom renovation.

Just liked these watercolors over the w/c.

Looked for ideas for gardening - combinations of plants that are tolerant to our heat and perhaps less bug/rot friendly.

A stellar shot of the composting/rain barrell area!

Idea homes are curious to visit. The furniture placement that works for photos does not always mean livable placement. Things are forced much closer together to photograph well.

But good ideas are secreted in the rooms despite the intial impact in the mind of "that won't work". Sometimes it's a room function idea, sometimes a color/texture combination. Sometimes it's a surprise of scale.

I took the chance to visit Southern Living magazine's Idea Home in Disney's Celebration neighborhood over a decade ago. Reflecting back I realize many choices I've made over the years in my own home and decor have come from prompts from that tour. And that's despite having some initial shock reaction to the choices made in furniture, placement, colors, and room usage.

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