Friday, June 19, 2009

Play date - artist style

Drying time, originally uploaded by jckirner.

I have tired feet. Belinda was here today and we tackled the aging blueprint on fabric squares that remained from last summer. Lots of standing happened while composing our pieces, exposing them in the sun, then washing them out and hanging to dry.

I was quite surprised the fabric was still "good" since the accompanying directions indicated they should be used within 6 months and the bag had been open for over a year.

We had planned on doing some sunprinting too - that'll be next weeks' effort!


  1. So much for 'best before dates' - they turned out really well! Do you have projects planned for them yet?

  2. fantastic results!!
    what fabric were you using?
    I see you are in South Fl....we lived in Miami for about 8 years....many, many moons ago!


  3. Thanks Judy and Gina! It's a package of 6" pretreated cotton squares from


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