Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cuff cuff

Cuff cuff, originally uploaded by jckirner.

I'm sorting through half a closet full of stitching supplies, kits, projects and organizers. Allowing myself to reminisce and let go of a horde of wishful thinking!

Enticed by a knitting pattern on for a pair of ankle socks in Koigu wool, I now have a scruffy wrist cuff culled from the cuff of that learning effort. Let's see - I live in the tropics, I don't wear socks - what was I thinking? (I do love the colors in the wool!)

Belonging to and being active in my local Embroiderer's Guild for several years I was exposed to many hand stitch techniques, and STASH!! Accumulation happened. Fibers and fabrics I fell in love with and fondled while slowly stitching away.

But you see, hand stitching is so slow, and when following a packaged kit or predrawn pattern I knew what the end result would be, and meanwhile I got drawn to other things so work was put aside and others started. Techniques were learned although tastes changed/evolved as I was exposed to more.

I'm staring across the room at a mountain of evenweave, aida, and linen fabrics, and a pile of fibers. The fibers I'll save, but that mountain of counted thread fabrics? Perhaps I'll destash them on eBay!!


  1. i love the cuff AND the word scruffy

  2. I need some of that strength you have to destash! I'm sure you'll find some great new uses for your stitched pieces - in new wonderful fiber creations. Isn't evolution & fiber-art great!


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