Friday, July 17, 2009

Little swaps

Cloth Paper Scissors Studios, summer 2009 issue slipped into my shopping basket last week. Inside Normajean Brevik's studio was featured along with a mention of her mail art group Fiber Art Traders. Oh, I was curious indeed about that trading group! So, I signed up and inbetween kid playdates developed a set of PSI's (plus-sized inchies - each 1.5" square) to trade in the Summertime Activities swap. (for the record my activities are: bestseller catchup, beach & pool play, covered button play, mini-quilt play, and stargazing.) (Normajean blogs at Sew Nordic)

Here's the full set - 4 sets to trade and 1 set to keep. I'm curious to see which trades I receive!!

Afterwards, more button play - drawing on the covered button and deciding how much "edge-play" looks interesting....


  1. i totally love the button.

  2. YOWZA those buutons!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. These are all great! Your best-seller catch-up is so creative - I want to open it up and read what's inside. Did you hand paint the beach ball and then attach? And where did you find such tiny adorable star buttons? You don't have to give up the answers - wondering is fun!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Gina - the book ended up so different from my original idea - happenstance from things gone wrong!! Yes, I drew and painted the beach ball and the star buttons were stash on hand!! (I'm a gleaner at heart)

  5. hey sweets. just gave you an award. see my blog. xo


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